About This Blog

Today’s high level employees are embroiled in a complicated legal world.  This blog is intended to enlighten executive employees—whether mid- or high-level, junior or senior—as to the multitude of legal issues affecting them individually in the workplace, day-in and day-out. 

Executives sport many hats.  On the one hand, they represent the company and all that it symbolizes.  On the other, they have unique individual interests which, at times, conflict with those of the company.

What’s an executive to do when faced with any of the following scenarios: (1) an accusation of insider trading or shareholder fraud; (2) possessing high-demand skills, expertise and experience, but facing the perceived restrictions of a non-compete; or (3) a claim from a subordinate of sexual harassment.  Topics such as these, and many others as well, are discussed on this blog. 

Employment law is a conundrum, frequently resulting in outcomes which surprise even the most experienced professionals.  Thus, the goal of this blog is straightforward: to keep readers aware of notable court cases and trends involving employment issues relevant to executive employees, and provide practical advice to help them avoid the pitfalls.  When an executive is aware of his or her rights and obligations in advance, it results in individuals better equipped to successfully navigate the challenges when they arise.

This is intended to be an open forum as well.  So if there are certain subjects you would like to hear addressed, feel free to e-mail me at: judd@luchanskylaw.com.